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Confirmation SMS message not being sent?

2013-07-18 | Views: 17418

You should get confirmation SMS code almost instantly however the delivery time depends on your mobile carrier. If you have not received any confirmation SMS code from VPS.ME, please first of all make sure you have entered correct phone number.

If you need to update your phone number:
Login to your client area, and go to Profile tab, add new number and update your profile. One account is able to send only one SMS confirmation message, so be careful when entering your phone number.

After the first sms confirmation is sent you will not be able to resend it to any other phone number. If you made a mistake, have not received any confirmation message or just need to enter another phone number, try to register a new account with another phone number (better try another mobile carrier) and resend sms message.

If you wont to start new account, you can also try to change your phone number in profile page, ask for VPS.ME support staff to cancel you unconfirmed order via public contact form, wait for 48h and order new free VPS hosting. After that you should try to confirm new phone number.

Note: in some countries sms carriers may ignore and skip sms messages coming from abroad, if you do not get the confirmation sms message from VPS.ME, please try to change your phone number. If you can't confirm, please upgrade to any paid plan, paid clients do not need to confirm their orders.

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* Phone number is used to verify your account by SMS verification code.