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What is SMS confirmation code and how to confirm?

2013-07-18 | Views: 8564

Every FREE VPS client should confirm free order with phone sms confirmation code. During FREE VPS order and registration process you should enter working phone number to get the sms message. After purchase and registration is done, you will be logged in into client area with FREE VPS order.

Your FREE order will have Pending Setup status. Also you will see an alert with a message: "In order to activate FREE VPS server your phone number must be confirmed."

To activate your FREE VPS order, you should click: Confirm phone number button in alert box.

You will get a pop up window with: Send activation code to: ******* button, click it and in few minutes you should get automated SMS message with activation code.

Enter your confirmation code into the same window in the Confirmation code input field and confirm your account.

Your account will become active instantly!

Note: in some countries sms carriers may ignore and skip sms messages coming from abroad, if you do not get confirmation sms message from VPS.ME, please try to change your phone number. If you can't confirm, please upgrade to any paid plan, paid clients do not need to confirm their orders.

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* Phone number is used to verify your account by SMS verification code.