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How to connect to FREE VPS via IPv4 address?

2013-12-05 | Views: 13022

To connect to your free VPS using IPv4, you should use our special feature called IPv4 mapping. By using this section you will be able to map ports via shared IPv4 IP address.
By default all FREE VPS users got two IP's: dedicated IPv6 and shared IPv4 with custom port address. Most users are able to connect to their free VPS via IPv6 address.
You may read more details how to configure IPv4/Ipv6 tunneling on your PC here:

How to configure PC for IPv6 tunneling...

For users that are not able to work with IPv6 on free VPS, we have implemented special feature - IPv4 with custom port mapping (also know as forwarding)! Now you'll be able to define 5 custom ports for your most tasks and run all them via shared IPv4 IP address.

Lets say, you want to access Apache, FTP, SSH or any other VPS services via IPv4 on your Free VPS.
1. Start or install service you need on your VPS as usual. After that log in into your client area.
2. Go to My Servers tab and choose IPv4 mapping section.
3. In popup window you will see few inputs:

Setting IPv4 port mapping

--- Port name: enter any name you like (may contain only lower case letters and digits with no spaces);

--- Shared IP: this is your free VPS shared IPv4 address;

--- Source port: Add any port name your like (Source port must be a value between 1024 and 65535);

--- Destination port: This is standard port number that are usually used by default services (Lets say: ftp: 21, apache/www: 80, ssh/sftp: 22 and so on); More default ports are listed here (note: some of rare ports may not be opened globally or locked for access):

--- Protocol: Choose what type of port you're accessing (TCP or UDP, most usual ports are TCP).

5. Press: Add port.
Now you'll be able to access your service on your free VPS via IPv4 address with no need to configure your PC or network for IPv6.

For example your website that run on Apache will be accessible via such format of url (lets say: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - is your shared IPv4 and 1245 is you custom port that you have created for default port 80): http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:12345
Same is for other services like SSH or for example FTP.

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