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How to upload files to free vps with IPv6 address?

2013-10-10 | Views: 6999

To upload your website or scripts, use FTP client like Filezilla and upload all files.
(You may download free Filezilla FTP client here: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php )

Check your IPv6 Address, you may find it in your Client Area->Servers tab. Ping IPv6

Make sure that your PC is configured to work with IPv6 networks, you may learn how to configure it here: Configure PC for IPv6

Run Filezilla free FTP client, In Hostname field type your IP in this format: sftp://[2a02:4780:1:1::1:112a]
Type your username, by default in most cases it is: root
Type your password (you may see it in your activation email sent by VPS.ME or you may change it in your_ client area->Root password_ section)
Port for SFTP is: 22

In most cases web servers like Apache is running on your free server by default (for example at CentOS templates). To access your website in internet browser via IPv6, you should type: http://[YOUR-IPV6-ADDRESS], let's say this:


By default you will see Welcome page (for example see screenshot for CentOS). If you can't reach this page, you should check your PC for IPv6 compatibility (read more here: How to configure your PC for an IPv6? ), also web server should be running on your server with correct firewall settings.
Ping IPv6

In most cases all www files should be placed at (exact path depends on installed OS, this example is related to default CentOS template): /var/www/html

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