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I need some help for my FREE VPS order, where I can get support and problem solutions?

2013-07-19 | Views: 5547

Official help and support ticket system is available for paid clients only. You can't submit help tickets or discuss your problems in Live chat with helpdesk staff if you have a free VPS plan only.

If you need free help, you should try our free VPS.ME Knowledge base here: http://www.vps.me/kb

It contains many useful tips and frequently asked questions for most common problems and tasks. Please use search bar to find your solutions.

Also discuss your problems and solutions via VPS.ME community forum here: http://www.vps.me/forum

It is a great way to read and discuss your questions with other community members. We have many rewards for active forum users, so be active and we will reward you.

Note: forum is fully supported by VPS.ME community members only, and in most cases no official help will be available. If you need fast and direct help, you should upgrade to a paid plan.

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