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Pointing a domain name to a free VPS server IPv6 address

2013-07-29 | Views: 11760

This article will explain how exactly to point your domain name at a free VPS with IPv6 address so that your domain can be hosted for web services.

First of all you should know your free VPS IPv6 address.
Login to your client area, My servers tab and check right sidebar. You will see IPv6 label, with your dedicated IPv6 address. Let's say it is: 2a02:4780:1:1::1:bcd

Next you should have your own active domain that you should point to our free VPS server.
Log into your domain registrars page (for example Godaddy, 123-reg.co.uk or any other place where you have purchased your domain) and find the DNS records management panel (if you can't find it, please ask your domain provider for help).

In DNS records management panel for your IPv6 address you should choose record type: AAAA

Enter your full IPv6 address (lets say): 2a02:4780:1:1::1:bcd

Save changes. Most DNS changes are visible within 48 hours after you have updated DNS records, so please be patient and wait for DNS propagation period.

Note: If you want to access your free VPS via browser as website, it should be running Apache or similar web server, so make sure httpd or similar services are running and your web server ports (for example port: 80) are not blocked by your VPS firewall.

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